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Website SEO Sets The Foundation For Online Success

Website SEO Service

When you engage a web developer, be sure to include the website SEO service to your development. This is additional work for developer as most web developer will simply create a functional website that is designed for your business. Website SEO include keywords research, structuring the website architecture, meta descriptions, content writing and page speed optimization are all part of website SEO. If these are not done well, your website will not be indexed well or may confuse the search engines.

Having a clearly defined website structure, keywords and written content will ensure that the search engines understand what your website is all about. Being in good understanding will encourage the search engine to index and serve your web page to those searching for a possible information that your website can provide.

On-page SEO

Website Developer and SEO Professional To Work Together

It is recommended that the SEO professional work along with the developer to ensure that the codes are well organized so that the request on a HTML page will be minimized. This way, the web pages will load fast and the website content will be well written with SEO optimized keywords in right density. You want to ensure that the density of the keywords are not overused. Over optimized keywords will put your website into penalty. You are recommended to look at the Google search engine optimization guideline and make sure that your SEO professional and developer are following them.

Website Audit

Once your website is completed, it is good to have the SEO professional to create a website audit using the latest tools available in the market. This will ensure that the technical SEO of the website is good. All HTML, codes and necessary descriptions are taken care of. Do a speed check to make sure that the website is loading fast enough. It is recommended to have website loads within 3 seconds of less.

Off-Page SEO to Increase the Authority of Website

On-page SEO is only setting the foundation for your website. The off-page SEO works on the backlink and online reputation building. These include many off site activities which are mainly to build backlinks to your website. Backlink is like recommendation from other websites, the more backlinks from high authority website the better your website score will be. These scores are what we usually call domain authority DA or page authority PA. In Majestic, one of the search engine tools which SEO professionals like to use, measures the trust flow and citation flow of website.

The most common form of backlinks are from guest posting, directories and press releases. These are popular and usually help increase the online presence of the website.


In conclusion, the above are important for the website to be found and are best to be done during web design and development phase. That is when you have the website start on the strong online foundation.

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