SEO Consultant Singapore

SEO Consultant Singapore

Singapore is a small country but the technological advancement has been quite fast. In recent year, with the encouragement of the government, companies are sponsored for upgrading of websites from old outdated HTML version to the latest mobile responsive design. The purpose of this is to get businesses in Singapore to get ahead of the global competition. Singapore though being very advance but has lack in the online market.  With the implementation of the grant system, many companies now has very up-to-date website. More eCommerce websites are born as a result of the grant.

Search Engine Optimization

The Need of SEO Consultant

With the raise in the number of websites and eCommerce, there is a need of an SEO consultant in Singapore to help businesses set the right foundation for their websites. There are many so-called SEO companies that practice low quality SEO services, which simply over optimized the website to gain temporary ranking. This can cause website to be deindexed or go to manual penalty in future. You need one SEO consultant who can tell you about where your website is ranking in the search engine and how you can work towards ranking the keywords which you like to rank for.

Process of SEO Consultation

SEO consultation works with some technical research prior to consulting with you on how to brand your business online. The SEO consultant will first look at the overall performance of your website. 2 of the main activities includes:

  • Site Audit
  • Link Profile Analysis

Site Audit

Site audit is the process of analyzing the website to see if it is properly built. If your website load time is slow, content has the right meta properties, any broken or duplicate page and other web properties. These are important as it affects how search engine reads your website. If your website is not well read by search engine, then search engine will not want to rank your site. In addition, to see if your website has enough internal and external link to make your website well referenced. A website with good link structure will rank well for good content. There are other factors that SEO consultant will look deeper. Such as the keywords and content of the website. Are you using the right keywords and are your web pages added with the content that will support those keywords.

Link Profile Analysis

This is where your website links will be analysed. Mainly the external backlinks as to avoid any unnatural link profile or being linked to bad sites. If there are bad links from external site, then a disavow needs to be done to put your website in order. The number of high quality links is more important than the quantity.

Anchor Text Profile Analysis

The anchor text is the text that is hyperlinked with your website URL. This anchor text is usually from external site that links back to your website. It is important not to over optimized this, as this will be looked upon by Google as being unnatural. Site with over optimized anchor text profile will be put into what Google term as “Penguin Penalty” There are sites that fall under such form of penalty and never see its website in 1st page of search result.

The SEO Strategy By Consultant

This is a well planned strategy which the consultant will propose. The strategy will include a propose set of keywords, the backlinks and traffic generation strategy. A good strategy not only help you gain ranking with the keywords, it helps you increase your online presence with exposure which will reach real human being than just internet robots. This way, you can start generating real online leads.

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